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Holt High School The Long View and The Bully Plays

By • Mar 14th, 2013 • Category: Cappies, Missouri

Holt High School hits home with their compilation of anti-bullying short plays, The Long View and The Bully Plays.

The Bully Plays contains multiple scenes which convey aspects of bullying differently in each. Holt High School performed five of the scenes from this selection, “The Bully Pulpit,” “A Bully There Be,” “The Conundrum,” “Nobody Nose,” and “Flash Mob.” The scenes took very different approaches to tackle the aspect of bullying, from mime to Shakespeare. The various short plays had highs and lows throughout, with some scenes having more energy than others. Because of the short time frame for each short play it was difficult to develop characters, but most actors were still able to show depth of emotion.

The Long View is a one-act, which the school had previously performed at St. Louis District Theatre Contest and placed first. The play starts off with a fight scene in which the characters experienced a wide range of emotions. During the one-act, most characters had to deliver a monologue about how they felt about witnessing the fight. These moments were crucial to understanding the motives behind their actions during the scene. The actors all had great stage presences and commanded the stage during their monologue moment, despite line stumbling or distracting noises from the audience. The many different characters and scenes showed off the actor’s ability to be versatile.

The technical elements also helped to stand up to bullying; it included large words associated with bullying like exile and courage, with dramatic backlighting in blue and red. This really set the tone for the production. Also, the platforms on stage allowed the actors to work with the concept of levels to better get the message across to the audience. However, there were a few lighting problems during transitions in the show. All the actors had mics and could be clearly heard, but noise could be heard backstage if the microphones were left on. The special effects of having a screen with a display of the text messages the actors were saying was a very interesting concept that helped to aid in the story telling of “Flash Mob” in The Bully Plays.

Overall, this production left the audience with a powerful message about promoting anti-bullying in schools.

by Alexa McKenna of Parkway Central High

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