Theatre Information


ShowBizRadio launched in 2005 covering 20 community theatres in Northern Virginia. In 2006 we started covering community theatre in Washington DC and a few counties in Maryland. In 2007 we started covering professional theatres in those areas, as well as supporting high school theatre by printing Cappies reviews. In 2011 we added a new site covering theatres of all types in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

Later this summer we’d like to add at least two new sites in other geographic regions of the United States. And in 2012, the goal is to add at least five new sites.

When we cover an area, we do the following things:

  • compile a comprehensive listing of theatres
  • cross-reference all productions ever done by those theater companies
  • maintain a comprehensive performance schedule listing, including maps to venues
  • maintain a comprehensive audition listing
  • hire and train staff to write reviews, interviews and other news articles
  • link to other media writing about local theatre

If you’d like to have us consider expanding into your region, please answer these questions:

  • How many theaters are in the area? You can define “area” any way you like.
  • What is considered “local” for your area? In the Washington DC region, people don’t mind driving an hour to go see a show. Maybe people in your neck of the woods won’t go that far; or maybe they’ll go further.
  • What other media cover theatre in your area? Do newspapers print reviews? Are there any active theatre blogs we should be aware of?
  • Tell us about your theatre company. Give us your website address at least.

Basically, just sell us on why your region should get coverage from ShowBizRadio. Send an email to