Virginia Repertory Theatre The Charitable Sisterhood of the Second Trinity Victory Church While some of the plot resolution is a bit contrived, the strong performances of the cast and the fascinating twists and turns of the story add up to one thing: we need to do is support this wonderful piece of original local theater. Link Roundup: Funding in the Arts A few articles on Arts Funding that have been languishing in open tabs in my web browser for quite a while. Firehouse Theatre Project Hair The young and exuberant cast is filled with amazing vocal and dance talent. Swift Creek Mill Theatre The Dixie Swim Club The five women of The Dixie Swim Club show that while aging is no day at the spa; you can walk through it with dignity and laughter. Virginia Repertory Theatre The Color Purple Take the time this summer to enjoy the beauty of Virginia Reps' The Color Purple to witness the rich, beautiful theatrical art they have made. Cue Curtain. Go! Over the past nine years, it's time to close the curtain on ShowBizRadio's publishing efforts. Signature Theatre Cloak and Dagger Up for something with amusement, silliness, and banter propelled by a lively score and excellent voices? Then head off to Cloak and Dagger at Signature Theatre. Scena Theatre Happy Days "So little to say, so little to do, and the fear so great," says the character Winnie. Yet she finds a way to go on looking ever forward to other Happy Days. Richmond Triangle Players Cabaret As the Emcee says "leave your troubles outside" because life at this Cabaret at RTP is a beautifully staged, well-cast production. Victorian Lyric Opera Company The Pirates of Penzance The current Victorian Lyric Opera Company (VLOC) production in Rockville is a very lively effort both the musical and staging aspects of which succeed delightfully. Richmond Shakespeare A Midsummer Night’s Dream Aptly timed, with ambient fireflies (or fairies?) to light up the sky; A Midsummer Night's Dream makes for a magical early summer evening of entertainment. Studio Theatre Grounded Grounded is an issue-raising script and performance that doesn't shrivel away from tough matters. This Week – June 16-22, 2014 What's playing this week? Are there any auditions? Spotlight on Our Lady of the Clouds This summer's Wintergreen Performing Arts presentation of the Wintergreen Summer Music Festival and Academy will include live theater performances. Shakespeare Theatre Company Private Lives The play is light-hearted; you'll likely find yourself laughing at almost every line, especially in a production as on target as this one. This Week – June 9-15, 2014 What's playing this week? Are there any auditions? 2014 Cappies Awards for the National Capital Area The Cappies celebrated their 2013-2014 season with a gala at the Kennedy Center on Sunday evening, June 8th. American Century Theater Judgment at Nuremberg This is a play to see not only as well-produced and acted theater, but as a springboard for thought and discussion about matters that have a great deal of contemporary resonance. Faction of Fools Titus Andronicus Faction of Fools turns a problematic script into a stylistic and darkly funny triumph. Far be it from a critic to skewer the company's efforts. Faction of Fools Titus Andronicus Adapted and staged by Matthew R. Wilson, the Faction of Fools has respected the play's grisly bones but added a veneer of comic touches to coat the bones and make them a bit more palatable.