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By • Apr 18th, 2006 • Category: ShowBizRadio

The site has been upgraded, and seems to be working much better. It is very nice to be able to add new pages again. If you find a page on the site that is broken in some way, please let us know.

Over the next few weeks we will continue adding the cast and crew information listed in the playbills of the shows we’ve seen. In the process of adding playbills, we also add to our list of People of ShowBiz. We are very behind on that, so those listings will be updated over the coming weeks.

Our biggest piece of news is the new calendar system. The system shows the schedule of upcoming shows. You can currently only search by date, but we will have Maryland and Washington DC community theater shows added very shortly, so you can search by location. Then we will be adding professional, children’s and other shows to the system. The long term goal (by the end of May) is to allow you to search by date, location and genre of show. Also note on the right side of each page on the site is a listing of all the shows that will be playing in the next week.

The Audition listing will be available very soon, hopefully by the end of this week. So please continue to send us your audition information.

And the final announcement: We have started interviewing people involved in local community theater. We’re calling our interviews the ShowBizRadio Spotlight. Our first interview, Jay Tilley, who will soon be appearing in Castaways Repertory Theatre‘s production of The Man Who Came To Dinner. We are transcribing the discussion, and will get it online as soon as we can.

Remember that you can stay informed about ShowBizRadio. We have our podcast, a mailing list, and a RSS feed.

The connection with the actors, the camaraderie of the crew, the involvement of the audience with a show, the entire experience that happens in live theater far surpasses the experience of most movies or television shows. All of the work we do is because we love live theater. If there is something you’d like to suggest to us that would make ShowBizRadio better, please let us know. And if there’s something on the site that you absolutely hate, let us know that too. Be nice, but let us know your thoughts.

And now, on with the show!

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started ShowBizRadio in August 2005 because they love live theater. They each have both performed in and worked behind the scenes in DC area productions, as well as earned a Career Studies Certificate in Theater from Northern Virginia Community College. Mike & Laura are each members of the American Theatre Critics Association, and Mike is a member of the Online News Association.

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