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April Fools’ Day: The Bloopers Edition

By • Apr 1st, 2007 • Category: ShowBizRadio

Earlier this year we decided to save some of the oopses, tongue twisters, and giggles that occur when we are recording our reviews. Our reviews are recorded live, we work from an outline of points we want to discuss about a show. But we don’t work from a script. And sometimes we find it difficult to get the thought out of our mouths. We try not to give away any surprises from a script. (Do you really want to discover who the murderer was in a review?) And sometimes we have a super hectic schedule, so have to record the review very late at night, which can give us the giggles. So here are a few of those problems, recorded for posterity. If we do happen to mention your name in this blooper reel, we apologize. It was nothing personal. Listen to the bloopers [MP3 3:33 1.0MB].

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  1. Very cute. It is nice that you guys have such a fun time together doing what you enjoy. Thank you.