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Playbill for July 25, 2007

By • Jul 27th, 2007 • Category: ShowBizRadio

Listen to Mike and Laura discuss New Jersey theatre, Blogathon, and our updates to the ShowBizRadio web site [MP3 5:49 1.7MB].

Mike: This is the ShowBiz Radio Podcast for July 25th, 2007.

Laura: It’s been a busy weekend. We saw some good shows. Then we did our summer vacation up to wild wonderful New Jersey.

Mike: One of our internet friends, Rob Scardino, who is one of the hosts of the Your Neighborhood Stage podcast was in Beauty and the Beast, a professional production at the Broadway Theatre in Pitman, New Jersey.

Laura: What we decided to do was to go up and surprise him. We have emailed back and forth and we’ve done interviews with them, corresponded with them, but we have never met them in person. We have no idea what they look like. We decided to take this weekend and go up and see a really fun show, Beauty and the Beast. It was very well done. Rob played the role of Cogsworth, the clock. He did just a lovely job. So we went up and after the show surprised him. He and the other host, Chris Laning and his family and Mike and I went out to a New Jersey diner for dinner afterwards. It was a lot of fun getting to know them. We also learned new vocabulary. We now know what “water ice” is.

Mike: We totally didn’t know what was going on. There were a couple stores that had prominent signs that said “Water Ice Sold Here.” That seemed kind of like, “Well, yeah. Ice is made out of water.” Chris and Rob told us what that was so we became more educated.

Laura: Chris and Rob do a weekly podcast that’s really informative and just a lot of fun to listen to. Their web address is It has some really good information and they’re really fun to listen to.

Mike: One thing we would love for you to do is to give their podcast a listen. Subscribe to it, each week they put out an episode. It’s usually between 30 minutes to an hour. We would love for you to vote for them in the podcast awards. They were nominated for the best podcast for 2007 in the Cultural/Arts category. So just go to starting this Saturday (July 28) and give them a vote. That would be great.

Laura: Also this Saturday Mike will be involved in a Blog-a-Thon which he will now tell you more about.

Mike: That’s right. I am blogging on Saturday for 24 hours. At least once every half hour between 9 am Saturday and 9 am Sunday Eastern Time, I will be blogging on my personal website: What is happening is this is a fundraiser. It’s an international effort to encourage bloggers to raise money for different non-profits around the world. Right now there are over 500 bloggers who have signed up. There has been over $50,000 pledged in total. What we would like you to do is help me support the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation. CHARGE Syndrome is a genetic disorder that effects one in 10,000 births. Our niece has CHARGE Syndrome. The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation has been very helpful to our brother- and sister-in-loves and our niece. We would love to help support that organization. So if you like what we’re doing here at ShowBizRadio, we would greatly appreciate it if you would do a pledge of my blog-a-thon for 24 hours on Saturday. Just go to There you will find a link in the top right corner to Blog-A-Thon. That will take you to more information about it.

Laura: Suggested donations start at $1 an hour. We’d suggest the cost of the price of a ticket that you paid to your last show. As Mike has been doing more research about this not commonly known syndrome, we’ve learned a lot. And of course following our niece’s journey. It’s really interesting and it’s really kind of neat to see the triumphs that we are discovering throughout this.

Mike: We have also started updating our website. We have started collecting information from local community theater websites about their 2007-2008 seasons. We have also received a couple invitations to come out and do reviews of shows. We haven’t set our schedule past the end of August yet so if you’re involved in a show or in a local theater and you would like us to come out and do a review just send us an email and we will keep it in mind as we are doing our schedule. We have posted our schedule on our website of what shows we are going to do. You can go to and you can see a list of all the shows we are planing to attend.

Laura: We have a busy fall schedule coming up. We are working to try to get things updated as quickly as possible so please be patient with us. Sometimes life does get in the way. But we are working well and quickly to get up the next season’s shows as fast as we can.

Mike: We have a one week vacation scheduled in August. That will probably be our last vacation until Thanksgiving. So we are looking forward to a great season of theater.

Laura: If you have any comments or questions about ShowBizRadio or the shows we review or anything about the upcoming season feel free to send us an email.

Mike: And now, on with the show.

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