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By • Jun 10th, 2008 • Category: ShowBizRadio

Our auditions compilation page continues to be one of the most popular sections of the ShowBizRadio web site. We compile the items on this page by monitoring theater’s web sites and various mailing lists. A few groups send us details about their audition, and we post that information.

One problem with this approach is that we occasionally have incorrect or out-of-date information listed on our site. That’s why we link directly to the theater group’s web site whenever possible. This should minimize the impact of incorrect information on our site. To further protect against having wrong info on our site, we also use a custom program to monitor theater’s web sites for changes. This program daily checks over 100 web sites, and emails us if a page has changed. Then we tweak our web site appropriately.

We recently received a suggestion that we remove the dates and location information from our listing. We didn’t think that would be useful, because then the audition page would simply be a list of productions with links to the organization. Then someone looking for a show to work on would need to actually click through the dozens of shows listed to find the details. That would waste everyone’s time, for very little gain in protecting against out-of-date information. What we are now doing is once a week, Mike will manually follow all the links on the auditions page to ensure the link is still working, and that the details haven’t changed. This way only one person (Mike) is spending extra time clicking all of the links, instead of everyone having to click through for every show.

If you have any thoughts about this, please email us or leave a comment here.

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