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Playbill for July 25, 2007

By • Jul 27th, 2007 • Category: ShowBizRadio

Listen to Mike and Laura discuss New Jersey theatre, Blogathon, and our updates to the ShowBizRadio web site [MP3 5:49 1.7MB]; or read the transcript.

2007 Ruby Griffith Awards

By • Jul 17th, 2007 • Category: ShowBizRadio

Congratulations to recipients of this year’s Ruby Griffith awards! See the list of winners.

Internet Radio Possibly Going Away

By • Jul 12th, 2007 • Category: ShowBizRadio

When we started up in 2005, one of the features we touted was our Internet radio station. We played soundtracks from Broadway shows. It was a lot of fun, plus we got to hear a lot of music from shows that aren’t performed locally. Unfortunately, a decision on March 2 by the Copyright Royalty […]

What Shows Do We Review?

By • Jul 12th, 2007 • Category: ShowBizRadio

We get asked how we pick which shows to review. We set our schedule usually one to two months in advance. We try to see a show as early as possible in its run, since it doesn’t do much good to post a review after the show has closed. We live in Virginia, so we […]

Our Review Schedule For July and August

By • Jul 12th, 2007 • Category: ShowBizRadio

We get asked occasionally what shows we are planning on reviewing. So I’ve put a listing of those shows on a page on the site: ShowBizRadio Schedule of Shows to Review. If you’ll be attending one of the shows we’ll be attending search us out and say hi. Let us know in advance, maybe we […]