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Thanksgiving Weekend Only: Captain John Smith: HiStory of McLean and Great Falls

By • Nov 20th, 2007 • Category: News, ShowBizRadio

Listen to Mike and Laura discuss their upcoming production Captain John Smith: HiStory of McLean and Great Falls [MP3 4:02 1.9MB].

Captain John Smith: HiStory of McLean & Great Falls
Celebrate Virginia!
Alden Theatre, McLean, Virginia
$15/Adults; $5 Students and Seniors
Performances 11/23 to 11/25

Mike: This is the ShowBizRadio podcast for November 19, 2007. We have had a very busy Fall. As we just talked about a few minutes ago in our previous podcast, we did shadow To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday. Partway through the rehearsals for that, we had the opportunity to audition for a show that is going to be out in McLean on Thanksgiving weekend. We looked at our schedule and realized we had no shows to review that weekend so we both auditioned and we were both cast in the show.

Laura: The name of the show is Captain John Smith: The HiStory of McLean and Great Falls. It’s an original historical play that takes place from 1607 all the way up to present day 2007.

Mike: It turns out that THE Captain John Smith from Jamestown is the person who first explored the Great Falls and McLean region of Virginia when he was looking for a westward passage and he is credited with as the founder of the area. The play is taken from his viewpoint. He becomes a time traveller to see how the area evolved over the past 400 years.

Laura: Everybody in the show is a lot of different characters. Each scene is a definite time period. We see George Washington right around the time of the Declaration of Independence. You go forward and you see the Civil War’s affect on the area. You move ahead through the war in Vietnam, all the way up to the closing scene which is 2007 and McLean Day.

Mike: I am playing nine different characters in nine different scenes. It has been a challenge because in each scene I am a different person and I don’t have the ability to create a character like you usually do. You have a quick impression and by the time you get used the character I’m off stage changing characters into another person. That has been something to get used to.

Laura: I’m playing about four different characters. Because they are just short snippets, there isn’t enough time to develop a character or a back story. You put on a different jacket, go out and do the scene then a few seconds later, come out as somebody else and it’s 30 years later. It has been interesting. This week we are at the Alden Theatre where we will be performing the play. This is tech week so it should be interesting because this is a heavily technical show.

Mike: There will be a projection screen on stage and different images from the different time periods will be displayed. It will be interesting to see the pictures that they have chosen to be the back drops for the different scenes. There are also musical selections from the different time periods. It has been interesting hearing the producers talk about the issues with the licensing of the different music and photos.

Laura: Captain John Smith: The HiStory of McLean and Great Falls is playing at the Alden Theatre in McLean Virginia. November 23rd and 24th at 8 PM and two matinees on the 24th and 25th at 2 PM. Tickets are $15, $10 for McLean residents and $5 for students and seniors. Tickets are available at the Alden Theatre box office or Ticketmaster. So after you’ve had your fill of Thanksgiving turkey, come on out and support us.

Mike: This is also your opportunity to be a critic on the critics. We’re more than willing to have someone come out and tell us how we did. We won’t be offended since you guys don’t generally get offended when we say how you’ve done.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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