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City of Fairfax Theatre Company Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Jr

By • Mar 30th, 2012 • Category: Reviews, Virginia

City of Fairfax Theatre Company Youth Ensemble will be performing Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Jr. for the public at Lake Braddock Secondary School’s rehearsal hall on Friday and Saturday evenings. The story is familiar to all who have seen the Disney film, with some minor changes to make it suitable–and more accessible–for a junior stage production. The inquisitive Alice falls asleep in the park, and through a dream is taken on a wild ride through the illogical and the absurd in Wonderland. Along the way, she encounters the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and company, Tweedles Dee and Dum, and the Queen of Hearts. She falls down the rabbit hole, grows and shrinks a number of times, attends an un-birthday tea party, and narrowly escapes losing her head!

It is an ambitious production to take on, particularly with a large, younger cast. Additionally, this production features several upbeat musical numbers. I was able to attend a portion of the dress rehearsal. The rehearsal I attended was a lot of fun. I watched the first run of the evening in which the company was in the process of adding in technical elements. While the light board operator in the booth was ironing things out, the acting ensemble carried on very well despite the light cue programming. It was apparent that the youth ensemble was very dedicated and had put in a lot of hard work. All of the young people–aged 8 to 13–were enjoying themselves, and it was enjoyable for me to see them transition from “rehearsal mode” to “performance mode.” I was told that the main goal of the City of Fairfax Theatre Company Youth Ensemble was to give these young people a chance to participate in the realization of a full production from beginning to end. The ensemble participated in theatre classes in the fall, and has met and rehearsed Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Jr . once a week since January. The show runs for two performances this weekend.

Disclaimer: City of Fairfax Theatre Company allowed ShowBizRadio to attend their final dress rehearsal for this article.

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