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Winston Churchill High School Legally Blonde: the Musical

By • May 3rd, 2012 • Category: Cappies, Virginia

“Is he gay or European?” A question no one would know the answer to without seeing Winston Churchill High School’s production of Legally Blonde: the Musical. It’s a good thing the audience was there to hear it because the answer is quite a doozy.

The musical, with a book by Heather Hach and music and lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin, is based off the movie with the same name. The story is about Elle Woods, a fashion merchandise major at UCLA, whose boyfriend, Warner Huntington III, instead of proposing, breaks up with her. He’s been accepted to Harvard Law School and deems her as, “more of a Marilyn and less of a Jackie.” In a quest for love, Elle begins the admission process to Harvard along with the help of her sorority sisters, the Delta Nus. She’s accepted, thanks to a killer musical number that poses as her personal essay, and discovers that Warner has gotten himself a new girlfriend, Miss Vivienne Kensington. She’s determined to win Warner back by impressing him with her smarts, and with the help of her Professor’s teaching assistant, Emmett Forrest, she does just that, but another budding romance may just get in her way.

The show, as most musicals, was full of pizzazz and excitement. The actors complimented the fantastic score and delivered the cleverly written lines with the expertise one would expect from a group of theatre-loving high school students.

Genevieve Austin shined gracefully as Elle Woods. Her voice was harmonic and fit the role just as Cinderella’s foot fit her glass slipper. She handled technical mishaps quite well, including a wardrobe malfunction and a microphone glitch that lasted a few scenes, and played them off as professionally as possible. Adam Settlage impressed us as Emmett Forrest in the last few measures of “Chip on My Shoulder” by really belting his heart out. Abby Newburger charmed us with her Paulette Buonufonte by creating a new version of the classic character instead of copy-catting her way through the role and taking good risks. Erik Rigaux was always in character as the stern and menacing Professor Callahan. Even as the villain, he made the audience fall in love with him.

The Delta Nus were always smiling and trying their best to be energetic and entertaining. Chani Wereley as Vivienne shocked everyone with her wicked solo during “Legally Blonde Remix.” Her notes were strong and absolutely perfect. Sloane Momsen assured the audience was “whipped into shape” by showing off her dance moves as Brooke Wyndham. Jordan Li, as Warner, proved to delightfully handle zingers that had everyone laughing. Some of the actors had trouble continuing to act while singing, while others were on point. Even though the second act was clearly better, the first act had its moments and was very enjoyable.

The costumes, designed by Lauren Price, were fabulous. The orchestra performed flawlessly. The sets by Nik Ramirez were just complicated enough and impressed all. There were multiple sound issues, but they were fixed quickly and with precision.

Overall, Churchill High School’s performance of Legally Blonde: the Musical was quite the display and should be missed by no one who loves a classic story of girl follows boy and meets another on the way.

by Liz Carlson of Duke Ellington School of the Arts

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Genevieve Austin Genevieve Austin and Adam Settlage
Genevieve Austin
Genevieve Austin and Adam Settlage
Sloane Momsen Moriah Kaufman, Zoey Maggid, Eliana Rabinovitz, Sean Dunn, Tiffany Bamdad
Sloane Momsen
Moriah Kaufman, Zoey Maggid, Eliana Rabinovitz, Sean Dunn, Tiffany Bamdad
Moriah Kaufman, Laura Sperling, Chrissy Lorica
Moriah Kaufman, Laura Sperling, Chrissy Lorica

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