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Thoughts on the Richmond Theater Critics Circle Awards

By • Oct 17th, 2012 • Category: Reviews, Virginia

Attending the Richmond Theater Critics Circle Awards as my first assignment for was kind of like attending your spouses’ High School reunion. I felt a bit awkward, sitting quietly near the back while everyone else seemed to know each other, hugging and kissing and sitting in groups with those involved with their productions. There were also lots of inside jokes throughout the program throughout the evening, and, of course, what High School reunion would be complete without the obviously inebriated couple in the back who talked, screeched and made out all night.

However, once the show started, it was an enjoyable and entertaining event. True to form for these types of shows, I should have realized the jokes about the length of the show (such as the 2011 show just ended and it would last 1 dog year) were no joke. But, Juan Conde of TV 8, was a fabulous Master of Ceremonies – relaxed, in command, and very funny, with surprising great comedic timing for a fellow news guy! He made the show generally flow nicely. There were some technical glitches (a slide show that kept freezing, and a sound system that was rather tinny and at times too soft to understand) but some problems are to be expected for a 4+ hour-long live show. They even utilized problems such as two presenters not being present, by having well-known Richmond actors come up and read the lines as if they were the actual person. Jason Marks’ appearance in a red wig to fill in for a missing female presenter was especially well received.

Highlights for the evening included live performances of the five nominated best musicals. The cast of Dessa Rose stood out for me as a Broadway quality performance, but the opening number by the kids from SPARC (School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community) was also extremely lively, creative and entertaining. And speaking of kids, it was exciting to learn that the youngest presenter of the evening, R. Cooper Timberline, is not only appearing in the Motion Picture “Chasing Mavericks,” but the 11-year-old also has a principal role as the Young Clark Kent in the upcoming 2013 movie “Man of Steel.”

As Cooper and the kids from SPARC represent the future Richmond acting community, I look forward to my future in covering shows in the Richmond area.

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