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NoVa Woodbridge Theatre Group Bus Stop

By • Nov 3rd, 2012 • Category: Reviews, Virginia
Bus Stop
NoVa Woodbridge Theatre Group
NVCC, Woodbridge, VA
Through November 10th
Free Admission, Free Parking in Lot B5
Attended November 1st, 2012

Hurricane Sandy affected the rehearsals and opening dates for shows all around the region. At the Woodbridge campus of the Northern Virginia Community College, two evenings of tech week rehearsals were lost as final details were being worked out on their fall production of William Inge’s Bus Stop.

Theatre professor Eric Trumbull decided that the show must go on, but the group’s first two performances would now be previews with audience, and the opening performance would be Friday evening. We attended the first act of the Thursday matinée rehearsal. There were a few moments of magic in the performances, but actors were still getting comfortable working with a set and props. Some actors were a bit nervous on Thursday, apparently this was their début in front of an audience. It’s also interesting to note that most roles in the show have been double cast, creating an added level of difficulty as the cast won’t ever be the same way twice.

Technical aspects of the show were obviously still being worked on. This was most obvious in Cherie’s song, A Little Black Magic. Lighting effects on the singer and the set didn’t work at all, reinforcing that this performance was a rehearsal.

Dr. Trumbull said “I decided to schedule Thursday matinees in the hopes that some classes may incorporate the show into their curriculums.” If you’d like to support fledgling actors, please drop by the NVCC campus in Woodbridge next weekend.


  • Elma Duckworth: Kayla Gasztoni, Stephanie Johnson
  • Grace: Jasmine Clark, Iris Same, Lindsey Capuno
  • Will Masters: Miguel Lopez, Lucretia Johnson
  • Cherie: Ryane Hester, Jasmine Clark
  • Dr. Gerald Lyman: Gustavo Monje
  • Carl: Alex Ryder, Anthony Yowsa
  • Virgil Blessing: Bryn Damisch
  • Bo Decker: Benjamin Jablonowski


  • Director: E. Trumbull
  • Assistant Director: Alex Ryder
  • Set Design: D. Falt
  • Lighting Design: Wahd Evvyr
  • Costume Design: Kayla Gasztonyi
  • Tech Crew: Students in CST 136 (Theatre Workshop), CST 131 (Acting 1), Theatre Club

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