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Calendar Ideas Wanted

By • Feb 17th, 2006 • Category: ShowBizRadio

One of the features of the ShowBizRadio web site is the listing of upcoming shows. We also have the calendar on the sidebar that allows you to hover over a date so you can see what shows are playing. There are several problems with that calendar (such as some browsers display it very badly, leaving it unusable). So we’re trying to find a calendar solution that doesn’t stink. The problem is most community theater groups perform their shows on Friday and Saturday nights. So a regular grid looks ridiculous, the cells are stretched to be several inches high. I came up with a hybrid grid, but it is awkward visually. I’m now pondering the design of a listing format, but it isn’t too easily searchable. Does anyone have any ideas or examples of calendars they can show me? How exactly should a user use such a calendar? I believe it should be searchable by location, and/or by genre, and/or by cost of show. Any other thoughts? It’s amazing to me that such a basic thing as finding out what shows are playing soon is a hassle to get designed. Please leave your comments here.

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