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What Shows Do We Review?

By • Jul 12th, 2007 • Category: ShowBizRadio

We get asked how we pick which shows to review. We set our schedule usually one to two months in advance. We try to see a show as early as possible in its run, since it doesn’t do much good to post a review after the show has closed. We live in Virginia, so we avoid scheduling shows in Maryland for Friday nights. If we have to choose between shows (such as in October or the weeks before or after Easter) we try to pick the show at a theatre that we haven’t been to recently. We also schedule around those theaters that have performances on non-weekends. For example, Little Theatre of Alexandria has performances Wednesdays through Sundays, so we usually see LTA’s shows on the first Wednesday night of the show’s run, which also means we are able to see every show that LTA does. Since so many theatres do shows only on Friday evening, Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon, there are times when we have to choose to not see a show. And sometimes there are shows that we really really want to see, so we’ll give that production preference when we are scheduling.

We try to give a bit more significance to those groups that have asked us to come see their show. All it takes is an email to us, and we will try really hard to come out and review the show. Simply describe the show, tell us you love our work, and that you have a bag of small unmarked bills for us (nah, just checking to make sure you’re paying attention), and we’ll try to be there. We also give more preference to groups that help us with content for our site, such as giving us interviews, allowing us to record and broadcast talkback discussions, or otherwise help encourage live theatre in the DC region.

We are not compensated for any of our reviews. We do receive complimentary tickets to shows. For those groups that advertise on ShowBizradio, our reviews are not biased based on that sponsorship.

If you have any questions about any of this, just ask.

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