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By • Aug 20th, 2007 • Category: ShowBizRadio

One thing that we encourage, maybe not as much as we should, but we do like to have other local theatre people share their thoughts with us and the world about the shows we review. We know we aren’t the Final Word on local theatre. We know that there are other sources of information readily available about local theatre. There are web sites, newspapers, and radio stations.

But what we would love to see happen right now, is that if we review a production, and then you see the same production, leave a comment here on the site about the show. Your words will help encourage that group. It’s pretty rare that everything in a production will be bad. There is always something positive to say.

One thing that is not helpful to say is, and I quote this comment we received this morning in its entirety: i think your review stinks. Feel free to disagree with our opinions. But give specifics. Something like “I think that John Example’s solo was wonderful, I like how he etc….” is much more useful than an insult to a reviewer.

So, we’re wondering: How could we make our reviews more useful? Thumbs up/Thumbs down? 0 to 10 rating? 1 to 5 stars? Split out degree of difficulty of a show with the actual performance of the show? Should our conversations be longer? Are the transcripts useful? We’re open to your ideas and thoughts, let us know, either be leaving a comment here, or emailing us.

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  1. I’ve always found the four- or five-star rating system or the grading system (A, A-, B+, B, C+, etc.) to be helpful. An A+ or a five-star show could be your Stand Out shows. I would also like to hear you and Laura disagree more a la Ebert and Roeper. Just my two cents! 😉