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Survey Results: ShowBizRadio & Professional Theaters

By • Jan 13th, 2009 • Category: ShowBizRadio

Our survey asked: Should ShowBizRadio include schedule, audition information, and reviews for the professional theaters in the DC region?

60% of responses said No. Their reasons included:

  1. There are other resources already out there that provide professional theater information;
  2. Fears that community theater information would get lost within the professional theater info;
  3. Fears that SBR would lose its unique position in the community theater niche.

40% of responses said Yes. The reason cited most frquently was “it would be nice to have all the information in one place, especially for people who want to move on to the professional world.”

One very interesting point someone raised was “The audience usually does not know if the cast is paid or not.” That’s a great point, some professional theaters may only pay their actors a very small amount, but should those groups be lumped together with the Kennedy Center or Arena Stage productions? The term “professional” theaters is such a broad phrase. There are some community theaters which do much better work than some professional theaters. Maybe using those terms is misleading.

Another interesting point was “If ShowbizRadio becomes known for having the latest on the DC theater scene it will provide exposure for the community theaters to an otherwise unreached audience.” So by having information on the SBR web site for all of the local theaters, we may be exposing people who are looking for information on the professional theaters to theaters in their local community.

Our current plans are to continue to slowly build out the site, incorporating professional theater information. I don’t think we’ll start reviewing professional theaters, but if we get enough people writing reviews for us, that would be an option to grow into.

Next: What would you like to see on ShowBizRadio that isn’t there currently?

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