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ShowBizRadio Now Hiring Writers

By • Feb 27th, 2009 • Category: ShowBizRadio

ShowBizRadio covers theater from Warrenton, Virginia to Annapolis, Maryland. The sheer volume of productions in this region is overwhelming. As part of our goal to bring the most complete reviews and other information about theater to our ever growing audience, ShowBizRadio is looking for people to write reviews, columns, or interviews.

Here’s what you need:

  • A love of live theater
  • The commitment to write at least two articles per month (Allowances are made while you’re in a production)
  • The ability to share your opinions in a clear, unbiased manner

We’d love to have writers write about specific theaters or productions, similar to our past shadowing series (for Springfield Community’s You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, or Port City Playouse’s To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday. We also desperately need reviewers who can cover theaters in Maryland or Washington DC. Opinion columns should be approximately 400 to 800 words long. Reviews need to be as long as necessary to get your thoughts across.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer any pay. All of us at ShowBizRadio do this out of our love of theater and have day jobs to pay the bills. We can offer you a biography that is attached at the end of each article you submit, giving exposure to your next project, or your personal web site.

If you are interested, please send an email with the word “Writing” included in the subject line. Tell us a bit about yourself, including your theater resume.

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started ShowBizRadio in August 2005 because they love live theater. They each have both performed in and worked behind the scenes in DC area productions, as well as earned a Career Studies Certificate in Theater from Northern Virginia Community College.

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