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Paul VI Catholic High School Hello, Dolly!

By • Apr 27th, 2012 • Category: Cappies, Virginia

“It only takes a moment” for audiences to fall head over heels for Paul VI Catholic High School’s performance of Hello, Dolly! Generally regarded as a staple of American musical theatre, Hello, Dolly! opened on Broadway in 1964. The show went on to win many Tony awards, including best musical, and became one of the longest running shows in Broadway history.

Hello, Dolly! follows the heartwarming story of Dolly Levi, the crafty matchmaker in Yonkers, New York. Traveling through New York, the audience follows three different love stories, all of which are endearing and genuine in their own right. From the Hay and Feed shop to Harmonia Gardens, the characters liven the stage in every way possible and captivate the audience from opening to closing.

In the title role of Dolly Levi, Sean Pugerude absolutely stole the show. Throughout every scene, Pugerude performed with poise, maturity, and absolute charm. Many times, one could have easily forgotten that the leading lady was not, in fact a professional actor, but rather a high school student. Not only did Dolly have the biggest purse on stage, but the biggest personality as well. Critical to the plot line, the devilishly delightful duo from the Hay and Feed shop, Cornelius and Barnaby (Daniel Rozmajzl and Connor McAlevy) brought a delightful mix of humor and sincerity to an already pleasurable show. The two were entirely committed to their characters and had flawless comedic timing, functioning as an outrageous and charming team. Their love interests, Minnie and Irene (Patty Kelleher and Casey Enochs), were another admirable ensemble, and were key to the sincere romance within the plot.

The ensemble in Paul VI Catholic High School’s show created realistic towns in New York and added a whole other dose of hilarity to the sensational tale of love and humor. With a host of subtle yet enjoyable gimmicks, the ensemble never detracted from the energy of the show, but rather enhanced it ten-fold. Perhaps the most delightful part of the ensemble was the waiters at the Harmonia Gardens restaurant. Their aerobatic antics were a sheer joy for the audience and were indeed one of the highlights of the show. Additionally, the inclusion of multiple adults to the ensemble was not only adorable, but helped the audience to see just how dedicated the cast members were to the show.

A pleasure from start to finish, Paul VI Catholic High School’s production of Hello, Dolly! fully embodied what viewers love theatrical productions to be. The show never faltered and maintained a high level of energy and humor throughout. As the show ended, the audience could not help but hope that “Dolly’ll never go away again!”

by Miranda Tower of West Springfield High School

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