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Fauquier Community Theatre Into the Woods

By • May 10th, 2012 • Category: Reviews, Virginia
Into the Woods
Fauquier Community Theatre
Fauquier Community Theatre, Warrenton, VA
Through May 20th
2:50 with one intermission
$17/$15 Students and Seniors
Reviewed May 6th, 2012

Into the Woods is a musical with music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by James Lapine. Combine several fairy tales in one forest and you’ll find out what happens after the “happily ever after.” A baker and his wife long for a child. Jack is forced to sell his best friend Milky White for “no less than five pounds.” Red Ridinghood has a sweet tooth and a thirst for blood. Cinderella gets a date to the ball. Rapunzel finally lets her hair down. These and other stories are just part of the tales told in the wood!

Fauquier Community Theatre has put together a splendid production with a great cast and a gorgeous set design. If Nancy Daugherty and crew don’t get recognized by WATCH for their set painting, and Tim Kirk and Martha Lynch aren’t recognized for their set design, a travesty will have occurred. Arrive early and walk near the stage so you can marvel at it. Trivia question: how many animals appear on the set? Hint: Don’t forget to count the mice in Jack’s home!

Gene Bates, the Baker, made his character likable and convincing. Unsure yet determined he set out to do whatever was necessary in order to have a child. At first thinking Bates could do it all on his own he quickly realized that he was in over his head. The Baker’s Wife, played by Jessica Hickling, was a strong character with a determined spirit. One of the spunkiest characters was Little Red Ridinghood played by Ceci Galvin. She had this obsession with knives and revenge. She was such a funny character, always making faces as she imagined hacking up the wolf. Richard Perryman played a very convincing Wolf, with an awesome costume and makeup (by Tim Kirk).

Corinne Shumaker (Cinderella) had a fairly strong voice and used much emotion to play the role with conviction. She and her Prince, played by Scott Heine, were comfortably uncomfortable around each other. Heine used his ego to be as charming as possible yet his sincerity was sorely lacking. All of the cast enjoyed hamming up their characters to make them larger than life. They kept the pace up and the energy high throughout the performance. Into the Woods is a long show, with many of the people sitting near us thinking the show was over at the intermission after the 80 minute-long first act.

Most fascinating was the set for Into the Woods. Tim Kirk and Kirk Noe built a forest on the stage complete with huge trees, moss, hidden entrances. Next came the incredible painting by Nancy Daugherty who did double duty by playing Cinderella’s wicked stepmother. Daughtery used her incredible talent to create the leaves on the textured trees, various animals, rocks that appeared three-dimensional, and more. Everything was so detailed and perfectly created I found myself trying to find all the creatures hidden in the set when the lights came up after the show.

With a few minor technical lighting issues (several scenes were very dark and a few actors couldn’t find their light so they performed in darkness) and some notes that were a little too high to reach by the charming princes, the overall effect was one of a realistic tale of life in the woods by a group of folk who may not have chosen to live quite as happily ever after as they had hoped. FCT’s Into the Woods was a fun, must see show for anyone who believes in happily ever after. Be aware that this fairy tale really isn’t appropriate for young children.

Photo Gallery

The Prince (Scott Heine) and Cinderella (Corinne Shumaker) Jack's Mother (Rebecca Carver) and Jack (Cameron Conlan)
The Prince (Scott Heine) and Cinderella (Corinne Shumaker)
Jack’s Mother (Rebecca Carver) and Jack (Cameron Conlan)
Rapunzel (Allison Brownell) Cinderella (Corinne Shumaker) and Witch (Danica Shook)
Rapunzel (Allison Brownell)
Cinderella (Corinne Shumaker) and Witch (Danica Shook)

Photos by Fauquier Community Theatre

The Cast

  • Narrator: Elizabeth Heine
  • Cinderella: Corinne Shumaker
  • Jack: Cameron Conlan
  • Baker: Gene Bates
  • Baker’s Wife: Jessica Hickling
  • Cinderella’s Stepmother: Nancy Daughtery
  • Florinda: Carrie Parsons
  • Lucinda: Hannah Fakoury
  • Jack’s Mother: Rebecca Carver
  • Little Red Ridinghood: Ceci Galvin
  • Witch: Danica Shook
  • Cinderella’s Mother: Tina Embree
  • Mysterious Man: Richard Perryman
  • Wolf: Richard Perryman
  • Rapunzel: Allison Brownell
  • Rapunzel’s Prince: Peter Fakoury
  • Grandmother: Tina Embree
  • Cinderella’s Prince: Scott Heine
  • Prince’s Steward: Gary Parsons
  • Giant Voice: Tina Embree
  • Sleeping Beauty: Emily Hauge
  • Snow White: Rebecca Heine

The Crew

  • Director: Martha Lynch
  • Producer: Susan Noe
  • Stage Manager: Richard Perryman
  • Tech Director: Tim Kirk
  • Music Director: Yvette Wheeler
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Tina Embree
  • Costume Design: Susan Noe and Martha Lynch
  • Lighting Design: Tim Kirk
  • Sound Design: Tim Kirk
  • Set Design: tim Kirk and Martha Lynch
  • Special Set/prop Construction: peter Fakoury
  • Choreographer: Martha Lynch
  • Special Effects: Tim Kirk
  • Stage Crew: Margo Heine, Brian Strickland, cast
  • Photography, Program: Cecilia Carr
  • Publicity: Heather Rogers
  • Vocal Director: Amy Baillargeon
  • Props: Richard Perryman, Tina Embree, Martha Lynch, and Peter Fakoury
  • Set Construction: Tim Kirk and Kirk Noe
  • Set Painting: Nancy Daughtery, Tim Kirk, Martha Lynch, Kirk Noe, Richard Perryman, Corinne Shumaker, and Cast
  • Assistant to the Director: Rebecca Carver
  • Sound Board Operator: Tim Kirk
  • Light Board Operator: Kirk Noe
  • Tech Minion: Coleman Embree
  • Make-up Design: Tim Kirk (wolf and witch) and Rebecca Carver (character)
  • Seamstresses: Danica Shook, Teena Stevic, Chris Galvin, Hannah Balinger, Corinne Shumaker, Rebecca Carver, Tina Embree, Susan Noe, Martha Lynch, and Karin Kerby
  • Ticket Office: Christie Clark
  • Opening Night Reception: Christie Clark and Bertucci’s

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