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The Wiggles Celebration

By • Oct 12th, 2012 • Category: Reviews, Washington DC
The Wiggles
Warner Theatre, Washington DC
1:20 without intermission
Reviewed October 9th, 2012

Lights! Camera! Action! Wiggles!

There is something surreal about seeing someone that you have faithfully watched on television for years and years and have fallen in love with. All of a sudden, you are sitting in a theatre watching them 20 feet in front of your face. The Wiggles have been a huge part of entertaining and educating children and families for over twenty years. They have contributed a wealth of enjoyment and positive morality that makes our world a little bit better.

After all this time, the original four Wiggles: Anthony Field (the Blue Wiggle), Murray Cook (the Red Wiggle), Greg Page (the Yellow Wiggle), and Jeff Fatt (the Purple Wiggle) are bringing their union to an end. This very special and emotional goodbye is made by their Celebration! tour, which is traveling around the country till the end of the year.

Celebration! is a fun, exciting, colorful, interactive, singing, dancing extravaganza filled with all of your favorite songs and characters from the last two decades. There is an amazing arrival by the “Fab Four” in their iconic big red car: Murray playing his guitar, Greg driving, Anthony waving to the audience, and Jeff (of course!) falling asleep. There is a great big welcome and hello from all and on with the show. More songs, more magical adventure, and then…………………? Yes! It’s Captain Feathersword! He is singing, dancing, doing acrobatics on a steel, 20-foot cube frame. Without missing a beat, Wags the Dog appears, the kids go nuts, and then Henry the Octopus! The kids are yelling, screaming, and laughing,

You have not seen anything yet. As soon as Anthony poses the question of “Who likes roses?,” the kids go crazy! Not only did more than half of the audience bring bouquets of roses, but because they know here comes Dorothy the Dinosaur! As Dorothy brings her song to an end and the show comes to a close, The Wiggles do a fast-paced medley of their songs and invite Moms, Dads, and the kids to stand up and sing and dance. Then, after a standing ovation during the curtain call, we are showered by an exploding cannon of confetti and streamers.

This was probably one of the best children’s theatrical events I have ever witnessed and something that my entire family and I will hold very close to our hearts and never forget.

Though the tour usually only plays one night in each city, I hope by reading this you will spread the word from town to town, city to city, coast to coast, and tell everyone you know to catch this legendary event!

Disclaimer: ShowBizRadio was provided four complimentary media tickets for this review.

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