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Herndon High School Brigadoon

By • Dec 5th, 2012 • Category: Cappies, Virginia

One of the most powerful and terrifying emotions in this world is love. Love can spark long and bloody wars, as well as bring them to a crashing halt. Love can bring people together, as well as tear them apart. Love can move mountains, cross oceans, and even transcend time. Whatever this dangerous and fascinating emotion may bring, one cannot deny that love is always unforgettable. Herndon High School’s equally memorable production of Brigadoon captured this extraordinary feeling with boundless zeal and touching passion.

Brigadoon, with book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe, first opened on Broadway in 1947. The musical centers around two American tourists who become lost in the wilderness of Scotland, far away from any towns marked on their map. However, following the haunting music emanating from the mist, the two discover a small village, erased from memory. In this mysterious town of Brigadoon, Tommy, one of these Americans, meets and fall in love with the beautiful Fiona. Unfortunately for the two starry-eyed lovers, their relationship must overcome many obstacles — for Brigadoon holds a deep and strange secret.

The sweetly enchanting Fiona was played with impressive poise by Molly Nuss. In wake of a recent injury, Nuss maneuvered through the challenge of her wheelchair with grace and confidence. Her angelic voice was utterly captivating, soaring through the lofty notes with stirring emotion and skillful vibrato. Nuss also had believable chemistry with her beloved Tommy (Paul Morgan). The two masterfully translated their budding affections with comfortable physicality and loving looks. Morgan also had a strong voice in his own right, and the two produced many exquisite duets such as “Almost like Being in Love.”

The colorful supporting cast added vivacity to the stunning village of Brigadoon. Tommy’s sarcastic and facetious best friend, Jeff (Chris Hronzencik), was absolutely hilarious. His fantastic comedic timing was matched by a true understanding of his character, perfectly balancing the humorous with the serious. Meg (Amy Freeman) was also energetic, garnering many laughs from her brazen advances. The enamored fiancées, Jean (Megan Overton) and Charlie (Cameron Copeland), were convincingly amorous. In songs such as “Come to Me, Bend to Me” their striking chemistry was augmented by Overton’s polished dancing and Copeland’s tender falsetto. Copeland also augustly demonstrated his dancing talent throughout the show.

Despite a few shaky elements, tech overall was solid. The orchestra in particular was phenomenal. Every part was perfectly harmonized and its volume instantly adjusted for each singer onstage. Scene transitions, though sometimes slow, were practiced and smooth. Huge set pieces were moved with little trouble by the stage crew, helping to create many different areas around the lively village. Also noteworthy was make-up, effectively highlighting each actor’s face to best improve visibility.

One may be willing to do anything for their love, even give up their whole life. This desperate emotion, as fleeting as Brigadoon itself, is as rare and precious as a miracle. The power of love is unstoppable, and the strength of Tommy’s love is what will bring him home to Fiona once again. Herndon High School’s stirring production of Brigadoon left the audience full of this unbelievable emotion.

by Emma Paquette of McLean High School

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Megan Overton as Jean MacLaren and cast Cast of Brigadoon
Megan Overton as Jean MacLaren and cast
Cast of Brigadoon
Molly Nuss as Fiona MacLaren and Paul Morgan as Tommy Albright and cast
Molly Nuss as Fiona MacLaren and Paul Morgan as Tommy Albright and cast

Photos by Lynn Gabriel

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