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WATCH Nominations To Be Broadcast Again

By • Jan 18th, 2013 • Category: News, Virginia

Continuing its use of technology to bring you news and information about DC’s strong theater community, ShowBizRadio will again be live broadcasting the WATCH Awards nominations, as well as a few interviews before and afterwards. In 2011 we aired an audio broadcast of the nomination announcement, and last year we broadcast video. The nominations announcement begins at 7:30 on Sunday, January the 20th, while we’ll be on the air just after 7pm. To view the broadcast, simply visit our page at In our testing, you need to have a fairly new computer, with a recent version of Adobe Flash installed. You can also use the Ustream app for iPhone/iPad or the Ustream app for Android. Simply search for “ShowBizRadio” and the stream should come up.

View the broadcast at:

Good luck to everyone who participated in DC’s exciting community theater productions last year!

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