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Fauquier Community Theatre The King and I

By • May 12th, 2013 • Category: Reviews, Virginia
The King and I
Fauquier Community Theatre: (Info) (Web)
Fauquier Community Theatre, Warrenton, VA
Through May 19th
3:20 with one intermission
$17/$15 Seniors, Students
Reviewed May 3rd, 2013

The King and I is a musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein. It takes place in Siam in the early 1860′s. Anna is a school teacher who comes to teach the king’s children. She doesn’t realize that the king has over 50 children and she has a big job ahead of herself. She ends up teaching the king as well, and he teaches her a bit as well. Her relationship with the king is a major focus of the story and as Anna helps the King to become less barbaric in the eyes of Europe, she get closer to him as well.

This enjoyable, but long, production runs for one more weekend. Overall it had a nice pace, although the scene changes tended to drag a bit. Given the small playing space at the FCT stage, The King and I was an impressive accomplishment. Susan Noe’s costumes looked fantastic, with interesting textures on the colorful outfits. Kat Brais’ hair and makeup designs were also wonderful. The huge cast made for a tedious “March of the Siamese Children” scene (although it did give the parents sitting behind me the opportunity to take several photos with their loud, distracting camera (apparently the rules given in the pre-show announcements don’t apply to parents) although blessedly they did know how to turn the flash off). The “Small House of Uncle Thomas” ballet was nicely executed, with great lighting effects and masks.

The relationship between Anna (Chantal Campbell) and the King (Daniel Purcell) was a bit stiff, and at times didn’t feel comfortable. For example, the King’s final scene didn’t quite hit the mark for me, although the Prince (Stephen Kutzleb) was successful in shifting between overcompensating for his initial nervousness and accepting his new role as King. At the top of the show, Campbell’s whistling during the encouraging number “I Whistle a Happy Tune” was actually not too well done, but later in the show her whistling was much better. It made for an interesting introduction to Anna, showing her nervousness at her new family’s situation. Purcell was a serious, no-nonsense King, who rarely allowed his emotions to show. The romantic duet “We Kiss in a Shadow” by Lun Tha (Joseph Benitez) and Tuptim (Crystal McKinsey) was a highlight of the evening.

Fauquier Community’s The King and I was a pleasant evening of theater, marked by a huge cast and wonderful visuals throughout.

From the Director

This has been an awesome collaborative effort of my amazing cast, crew, family, friends, and random strangers that we have begged to be a part of our adventure. The last week before the opening of any show is one of excitement, nerves, too much energy, and not enough sleep, but we have endeavored to put together a show that will be entertaining and dazzling. We hope that you love Siam and its King as much as a certain schoolteacher did. -Susan Noe


  • Captain Orton: Joe Bersack
  • Louis Leonowens: Michael D’Arcangelis
  • Anna Leonowens: Chantal Campbell
  • Interpreter/Simon Legree: Lee Walters
  • Royal Guard: Rodrigo Pool
  • Kralahome: Gary Parsons
  • Royal Guard: Evan Jones
  • King Mongat: Daniel Purcell
  • Phra Alack/Angel/George: Kirk Noe
  • Royal Wife/Eliza: Elizabeth Gillespie
  • Royal Wife/Topsy: Teena Stevic
  • Royal Wife/Dancer: Jessica Inzeo
  • Lun Tha: Joseph Benitez
  • Tuptim: Crystal McKinsey
  • Lady Thiang: Ivy Elizabeth Cole
  • Royal Wife/ Dancer: Cheryl Bolt
  • Royal Wife/Singer: Morgan Gabor
  • Royal Wife/ Dancer: Ariana Valezquez
  • Royal Wife/Little Eva: Carina Valezquez
  • Princess Ying Yaowalak: Mary Ellen Underwood
  • Royal Child/Singer: Julia Downes
  • Royal Child/Dancer: Olivia Barreto
  • Royal Child/Dancer: Makayla McWelch
  • Royal Child/Dancer: Isabelle Caron
  • Royal Child/Dancer: Olivia Caron
  • Royal Child/Dancer: Susannah Stevic
  • Royal Child/Dancer: Maggie Pierce
  • Chulalongkorn/Uncle Thomas: Stephen Kutzleb
  • Royal Child/Dancer: Isabella Whitesides
  • Royal Child/Dancer: Elayna Caron
  • Royal Child/Dancer: Isabella McDonald
  • Royal Child/Dancer: MarissaMulero
  • Royal Child/Singer: Jessica Pain
  • Royal Child/ Dog: Joseph Machosky
  • Royal Child/ Dog: Michael Machosky
  • Priest: Gene Bates
  • Priest in Training: Liam Bates
  • Sir Edward Ramsey: Jeff Machamer
  • Singer: Emily Hibl


  • Music Director: Larke Pain
  • Keyboard: Alanna Pasquale
  • Keyboard: Thomas Hooker
  • Trumpet: Dave Shuma
  • Percussion: Jeff Briner
  • French Horn: Wendy Martin-Shuma
  • French Horn: Peggy Rocchio Lee


  • Director: Susan Noe
  • Producer: Evelyn Rice
  • Stage Managers: Becky Farris&Emily Hibl
  • Choreographer: Sandy Steinmeyer
  • Asst. Choreographer/Dance Captain: Elizabeth Gillespie
  • Music Director: Larke Pain
  • Light and Sound design: Tim Kirk
  • Hair and Make-up Design: Kat Brais
  • Costume Design: Susan Noe
  • Seamstresses: Teena Stevic, Cynthia Oz, Cheryl Sinclair, Susan Noe, Emily Hibl, Karin Kerby
  • Light Tech: Kirk Noe
  • Light Board Operator: Betsy Hansen
  • Sound Operator: Tim Kirk
  • Set Design: Tim Kirk and Susan Noe
  • Set Construction: Tim Kirk and Kirk Noe
  • Set Painting: Nancy Daugherty and Gary Parsons
  • Set Dressing: Susan Noe
  • Vocal Coaches: Amy Baillargeon and Jim Todd
  • Props: Susan Noe and Peter Fakoury
  • Photography: Chris Noe
  • Videography: Leland Shook
  • Opening Night Reception: Christie Clark and Laurie Bersack

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