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Carol Piersol Patti Issues

By • Mar 12th, 2014 • Category: Reviews, Virginia
Patti Issues
Richmond Triangle Players: (Info) (Web)
HATTheatre, Richmond, VA
March 20th Through April 5th
$25/$10 Students
Reviewed March 8th, 2014

Playwright Ben Rimalower grew up estranged from an emotionally erratic, gay father and became obsessed with the singing of Broadway star Patti LuPone. Thus, he grew up with Patti Issues.

Rimalower’s autobiographical play is the perfect vehicle for Billy Christopher Maupin. Both Rimalower and Maupin’s lives have centered on assisting, producing, directing and performing in cabaret’s and musical theater. Following up two one-man Cabaret performances this season (Still Mad About the Boy(s), and (My) Life Upon the Wicked Stage) Maupin shines in this one-man, one-act play.

Director Carol Piersol makes the most of sharing the stage at Richmond Triangle Players by keeping Maupin moving and seeking levels as he shares Rimalower’s life story with the audience.

Maupin is energetic and charismatic as he gives voice to the various people who shaped Rimalower’s life. He is at his best, however, when Rimalower releases his pent-up anger and when he sings snippets of some of LuPone’s songs.

One nice touch in the shared space comes from Lighting Director Michael Jarret before the show even starts. While the audience is serenaded by some of the Broadway songs LuPone is known for, three small projection windows from the High set change to show the marquee signs from each musical.

While it follows this year’s trend in the Acts of Faith festival by exploring philosophical rather than spiritual issues (delving into issues like forgiveness, human faith and “idol” worship), it is an hour of pure and simple entertainment.

The Cast

  • Ben Rimalower: Billy Christopher Maupin

The Crew

  • Director: Carol Piersol
  • Associate Producer: Billy Christopher Maupin
  • Stage Manager: Morgan Stone
  • Lighting Design: Michael Jarret
  • Associate Lighting Design: Weston Corey
  • Rehearsal Assistant: Tim Goad
  • Photographers:Eric Dobbs, Jay Paul
  • Graphic Design: Billy Christopher Maupin, Sara Marsden

Disclaimer: Richmond Triangle Players provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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