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Get New Reviews via Podcast is pleased to offer you an audio feed, also known as a “podcast”, of our various programs. Our podcast URL is -removed-. If you look at this page in a regular web browser, you may get text that looks like programming code. You need to use special software that analyzes the file and then manages the MP3 files automatically.

How does it work?

Simply put, it’s a way to have MP3s of our reviews and other discussions uploaded right to your portable music player or computer once they are posted on our Web site. Rather than visiting our Web site every time we post an audio file, your computer software will automatically check our site for new files and download them automatically — it’s a free subscription service for audio content. Anyone can get them — and you don’t even need an iPod. The process works with a variety of portable music players. You don’t even need a portable music player — you may want listen to them from your computer.

Where do I start?

Start by getting the software. You can use the Apple iTunes (version 4.9 or higher) or you can download a specialized podcasting program for free. We have had good experiences with iTunes, although there are many other software packages you could use.

Once you have the software, you simply “subscribe” to our feed. Copy the address: “-removed-” and paste it into the “subscribe” option or “new feed” option of your software. The software will then automatically download any new MP3 files that we post.