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Denver Post: “Smoke ruling has the reek of censorship”

By • Nov 5th, 2006 • Category: Backstage, ShowBizRadio

On October 12, we shared with you a link to an article at the Denver Post about Denver’s new state wide ban on smoking, including in theaters onstage. The case has started its legal trek apparently on the way to the Supreme Court. Smoke ruling has the reek of censorship.

The state instead said there’s no “free speech” without the speech.

That mere suggestion drew snickers at Monday’s hearing, but guess what? The judge agreed. So all you actors who thought you were conveying meaning through body language or a gesture, guess what? A small group of bureaucrats, none of whom have likely set foot in a theater but have full authority to set public policy, don’t get that. As a result, the individual constitutional freedoms the government has been chipping away at for the past five years just lost another chip.

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