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Bishop DuBourg High School Acts of God

By • Nov 8th, 2012 • Category: Cappies, Missouri

It sounds like a train. Silence. Spinning and spinning. The window was coming at my head. In case it’s hard to tell this show revolves around the devastating Acts of God, referring to things outside of human control. On Friday October 26, 2012 Bishop DuBourg presents us with Acts of God, a tragic show with comedic breaks.

In Evansville, Indiana in November of 2006, Acts of God, opened for the first time. This show follows 12 teenagers, who tell a story about an F3 tornado that tore their lives apart. Learning about each one’s personal story, and whether they get through it or not…

The show had many spectacular leads. Maria Frazier (Hannah Gibbons), opened and closed the show, she is what made all things come together. Her acting was enjoyable throughout the whole play. Another lead that I really enjoyed, and brought power is Mario Meyer (Fernando Arroyo), he really brought out the power, and hard times that his character goes through.

This show also had many fabulous supporting characters. Kelsey Gerling played by Elizabeth Burnes, was truly dedicated to her part. Anytime she went on stage, and spoke I felt the ache and sadness her character brought about on stage. Another actress that does great is Ali Linderer (Kim Packard) her facial expressions, and the quiver in her voice you hear as she tells her story is almost haunting. Aaron Randall, Tyler Wade, and Ethan Trower (Jared Seifert) are hilarious, and give the audience comedic relief.

The technical aspects are pleasing. The sound was easy to hear. For the small space they have on stage, the few props they used are perfect, especially since they are telling a story. The music was appealing, and brought emotion, and helped move the story along.

A few things that could use some work are next. One thing that needs some work is diction at times it was hard to catch/understand what the actors were saying. Another thing that could use work is not looking bored while not speaking on stage. The lighting at times especially on the right corner of the stage was hard to see. Other than those everything was great.

This show was both tragic, and confusing but amazing with the power it brought, and the confusion it left. The show was a treat, and the cast did a splendid job bringing us into the show.

by Alyssa Robertson of Northwest School District

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