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Northwest High School Beauty and the Beast

By • Apr 25th, 2013 • Category: Cappies, Missouri

Beginning as a European traditional fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast has had many versions and mediums. From spoken word, to written tale, to even an animated film, this story has come a long way to grace the stage of Northwest High School. Although there are plenty of adaptions and variations, Northwest High did their best to give the audience a brand new tale.

Belle is a beautiful girl living in France with her father, the crazy inventor. The Beast is a prince that was turned into a beast by a beautiful sorceress because of his selfishness, and greed. Gaston, the handsome brute of the town, wishes to marry Belle, and is willing to do anything to make that happen. When Belle’s father trespasses in the castle of the Beast, he is captured and held prisoner. Belle offers to take his place, and stays with the Beast. At first, the two despise each other, but after Belle tries to run away and gets attacked by wolves, Beast saves her life. Belle and the Beast slowly fall in love, and all is well, until Gaston hears of the Beast, and tries to kill him. The town attacks the castle, and a battle rages on. The castle’s inhabitants win over the townspeople, but Gaston manages to stab the Beast before the Beast kills him. Belle breaks the spell, and the prince survives because of her love.

The story was well put together, and well delivered for what the directors had to work with. The blocking was clever, and used almost the entire lecture hall, keeping the audience on their feet. The actors did a great job of staying in the light, and made a conscious effort to stay loud when they didn’t have a microphone. The energy levels varied, but stayed mostly high during exciting parts of the show. The effort of the smaller characters made the difference between a dull and exciting show.

Belle, played by Molly Fowler, and Beast, played by Dalton Mathis, were paired perfectly with his strong voice and persona, and her soft, lovely presence. The contrast showed the audience how easily even two opposites could work together. They complimented each other perfectly, and gave the audience a hope for a happy ending between the two of them.

Although the lead actors showed true talent, the supporting cast was the icing on the Beauty and the Beast cake. Even though some voices may not have been the strongest without microphones, these actors gave it their all. Mrs. Potts, played by Annabelle Gyngard, and Gaston, played by Brandon Janssen gave true examples of extreme characters. From Gyngard’s loving persona towards Belle to Janssen’s extreme confidence, these two had a lot of talent, and showed the audience just what they were made of.

The set didn’t look fabulous at first glance, however a plain black background proved to be more than met the eye. There were countless furniture props and wall decorations that made this set special, and kept the audience looking for small details throughout the show.

Having come such a long way to find this particular stage, Northwest High School showed the audience why Beauty and the Beast is such a classic, and should be continued to be seen and heard throughout the years.

by Jessi Reynolds of Pattonville High School

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