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Northwest High School Any Number Can Die

By • Dec 5th, 2012 • Category: Cappies, Missouri

A will. A clue. A murder. Any Number Can Die, performed by Northwest High School, was an exciting and hilarious mystery/comedy. This performance took place on November 8, 2012, and featured a team that was devoted to building an amazing production. The reaction to the play was excellent, and was enjoyable for all age groups. The performance made for a funny, yet nail-biting experience.

Any Number Can Die is centered around a group of people who come together to read the will of a very wealthy family member. But right when they start reading the will, people start dying. Any Number Can Die premiered at the Dorset Playhouse by the Caravan Theatre Summer Stock Company. The Dorset Playhouse was owned by Fred and his wife Patricia from 1949 to 1975.

The play was portrayed uniquely by the outstanding lead roles, the detectives. Brandon Janssen, who played Hannibal Hix, was a captivating actor that brought depth to the character. He captured the sense of humor of Hannibal and delivered them to the audience. The lead female was Michelle Brinkman, who portrayed Ernestine Wintergreen. She performed her character amazingly, and was obviously well-rehearsed. The lead actors were clearly well-trained and put forth a lot of hard work.

The supporting actors also did a fantastic job, and contributed greatly to the show. The best character was Sally Vanviller, the sweet niece, played by actress Haley Korn. She executed the “nice” and “moral” personality very realistically, and seemed to actually become the character, while continuously maintaining a different voice. Jack Regent, played by Dalton Mathis was also a nicely done character in the show. The supporting actors all made the show a collectively better experience.

The crew was just as amazing as the actors. The set was impeccable, and was made by the students. Several of the costumes were also created by students. The cues were just right and contributed to the mood of the play. Particularly, the creative aspects were well done. The creativeness for the type of play was just right, especially because it is easy to go overboard with a play that is supposed to be so simplistic.

The lights and sounds were inconsistent with the rest of the play, but that is understandable with the budget and accessibility for them in the theatre. Other than this, there were only a few petty things that needed improvement. Overall, this play had very few issues.

Any Number Can Die was a very entertaining and in-depth show. The great comedy and occasional seriousness made it enjoyable to a more diverse audience, as does the story itself. The cast and crew were fantastic, and evidently hard-working. This play was turned into a fantastic performance by NHS. They all did an amazing job with numerous aspects of the show. They all “killed” this performance!

by Emma Butler of Bishop DuBourg

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