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ShowBizRadio Playbill #2

By • Aug 19th, 2006 • Category: ShowBizRadio, The Time of Your Life

Listen to the ShowBizRadio Playbill #2 for August 19, 2006 [MP3 5:09 1.5MB].

Mike: We’re talking about some different things going on in theatre in the Washington DC metro region.

Laura: Last evening I auditioned for a play upcoming in October at Castaways Repertory Theatre in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Mike: And what play was it?

Laura: It was the Unexpected Guest. It’s an Agatha Christie whodunnit murder mystery. Those are always fun. There were about thirty of us who auditioned last night. We all signed in and everything, and got parts. When it was our turn we went up and read a scene together. And then sat down. I actually put down several different people I could be interested in playing. So I was reading those different parts. And it was a really interesting experience. It was a little nerve wracking, it’s the first time I’ve auditioned in years I think. I did do a few performances through the Nova Woodbridge Theatre Group, seems like an eternity ago. But it was nerve wracking, but it was really interesting, actually to sit back and watch all the people audition. There was a wide range of talent expressed there. So it was an interesting show. There’s another round of auditions on Saturday. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend since I’ll be at work. Hopefully I’ll get an email or phone call on Sunday saying come on back on Monday. So that was an interesting fun experience.

Mike: And the show I’m in at the Providence Players, also in October, The Time of Your Life, by William Saroyan. I play the role of Tom. So I’m learning lots of lines. I’m learning how to emote, and how not to emote and lots of other skills I’m gaining through this experience. In early July we had a read-through where the whole cast got together and we just sat through and read the whole script straight through without doing any acting, just reading. That was really good, because it really made a lot more sense once you’re hearing the different voices reading this. It also helped to hear it out loud, as opposed to just reading the script at the pool. Just reading the script it doesn’t work too well, but once you are hearing it and hearing the different voices, it’s really nice.

We’ve had a few small rehearsals, with small groups of people. A lot of the scenes, I’m working with a character named Joe. And there are a few other extra people on the sides. That’s been really interesting. The director is giving me feedback on “What is he thinking here?” and asking me to think about why is he saying this. There’s also lots of comments about stage directions for some of the characters. “Oh you’re not doing that to him, you’re saying this to this other person.” So it’s really been a lot of fun seeing the characters come together. And this is only after I’ve been to two rehearsals now. I’ve got a couple more weeks of small group work. And then we’ll be at the theater doing rehearsals, and that’ll be a lot of fun.

Laura: In September, Mike and I and a group from Sterling Playmakers are going to be taking a roadtrip (Roadtrip!) up to New York City, to see Wicked on Broadway. The rest of the weekend we’re kind of on our own, so we’re putting it out there to everybody, what should we say on Broadway?

Mike: And what shows should we not see on Broadway? I will say I just finished reading the Wicked novel, the one that started everything. And it was one of the worst books I’ve ever read. I just didn’t get it. I liked how he kind of spun some of the things, but I didn’t like the book. I’ve got the soundtrack, I need to listen to that a few times. but I really hope the play itself, the musical, is good.

Laura: Since Mike and hopefully myself will hopefully be in a play in October, we are also making a call for guest reviewers to come and review shows while we are in rehearsals and performing at our two theaters.

Mike: We’ve had a couple people express interest, but we could always use a couple more. Laura and I have been seeing anywhere from two to five shows a week, and we can’t keep that up. So spreading out the workload would be a big help for us and everyone else in the area who wants to go see good theatre. So just send us an email, or comment to this podcast, and we will talk with through email or the phone, and get it setup.

Laura: Tonight (Friday night) Mike and I will be traveling up to La Plata , Maryland, to see Mindgame at Port Tobacco Playhouse. Not quite sure what to expect, sounds like it’s going to be a deep show. But Port Tobacco has always done really good shows in the past, so I think this will be an interesting one, and probably a deep thinking one.

Mike: That review should be posted sometime on Saturday afternoon or early evening. We’d also like to remind you to go see Blood Brothers at Elden Street Players. Call them for reservations, this is the closing evening, and this was our first Stand Out! show. We really think you should go see this show because it was very well done.

Laura: And now, on with the show!

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started ShowBizRadio in August 2005 because they love live theater. They each have both performed in and worked behind the scenes in DC area productions, as well as earned a Career Studies Certificate in Theater from Northern Virginia Community College.

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  1. Laura,

    It was great reading the scene with you last night and I am crossing my fingers that we get a chance for call backs! Break a leg and keep up the outstanding work on ShowBiz Radio

    Bill Kitzerow

  2. Bill,

    It was fun reading the scene with you on Thursday. Unfortunately I didn’t get cast in Unexpected Guest. That’s life, I guess. Hopefully you’ll get a part. Good luck with Unexpected Guest.

    Laura Clark

  3. Laura,

    Thank you for coming to the auditions. I was very impressed by your audition. We had a fantastic turn out and several of the forms indicated the actors found out about the auditions at Show Biz Radio. Bill indeed was cast. Here is a complete cast list:

    Character – Actor

    Henry Angell – Greg Crowe
    Miss Bennet – Lori Muhlstein
    Julian Farrar – Bill Kitzerow
    Laura Warwick – Pamela Sabella
    Jan Warwich – Alexander Green
    Mrs. Warwick – Patty McCoart
    Inspector Thomas – Henry Newman
    Sergeant Cadwallader – Cassandra Newman
    Michael Starwedder – Carl Brandt Long

    Go to
    For the first look of the “mug shots” of the cast.