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Playbill #5: TOYL, Cell Phones and TUG

By • Oct 21st, 2006 • Category: ShowBizRadio, The Time of Your Life

Listen to the ShowBizRadio Playbill #5 for October 21, 2006 [MP3 2:18 676K].

Mike: Welcome to the ShowBizRadio podcast for Saturday, October 21, 2006. We only have one review this weekend. We’ll be seeing 1984 on Sunday evening so we’ll bring that to you on Monday. So we just want to bring you up to date to the things that are going on.

I’m in The Time of Your Life with the Providence Players. We are half way through our run. It’s getting better every night. It’s really quite exciting. We were almost sold out last night. The people on stage and backstage were very excited. I made a couple minor mistakes. I just kind of oopsed. Laura noticed it because she knows the script so well, but I don’t think anybody else did. It’s going really well, though. It’s very exciting.

Laura: The show is going really well. I’m having a good time being a Providence Player Groupie. I will see the show again tomorrow afternoon for their matinee. One thing I find annoying is this thing about cell phones going off during the show. The director made an announcement before the show started. It’s in the program. It’s on the wall outside in the lobby. So don’t tell me you don’t know how to put the thing on vibrate or silent or whatever. That was the only distracting thing. The actors did great. Everything ran smoothly except for that stupid cell phone.

Mike: One thing I’m looking forward to after our strike next Sunday afternoon is to be able to listen to our podcasts again. Something I’ve gotten in the habit of doing as Laura and I travel to shows is burn some podcasts to CD and listen to them in the car. One I really miss is the Your Neighborhood Stage discussion. It’s at It’s a very interesting podcast. If you’re into theater you need to listen to it.

Laura: This weekend The Unexpected Guest opens at the Castaways Repertory Theatre in Woodbridge. I will be going over there tonight to help with Front of House putting out the cookies and non-alcoholic punch and setting up before the show starts. So I’m looking forward to seeing the show as well as helping out with the front of house stuff.

Mike: We will be back in a couple days with our review of 1984 performed by the Meat and Potato Theatre in Washington DC.

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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