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Playbill #4, TOYL, TUG and Butts

By • Sep 24th, 2006 • Category: ShowBizRadio, The Time of Your Life

Listen to the ShowBizRadio Playbill #4 for September 24, 2006 [MP3 5:46 1.7MB].

Mike: This is the ShowBizRadio podcast where we’re talking about some things that have been keeping us busy over the past few weeks.

Laura: Two weekends ago we went up to New York City with a theater group, The Sterling Playmakers, and saw some musicals. And then this weekend we saw a play Friday night, The Women.

Mike: At the Greenbelt Arts Center.

Laura: Saturday we went to a rehearsal for Mike’s show and then we hopped in the car and went down to Newport News for Mike’s 20 year high school reunion. And then we got up on Sunday and came home. So it’s been a busy last few weeks.

Mike: The one thing I totally under estimated was how many rehearsals you need to do a show. That time commitment is just so significant. The past two weeks we’ve been at the James Lee Center for the Providence Players‘ production of The Time of Your Life. We’re actually in the theater now which is really nice. We were meeting at the director’s house and reading lines together. Now that we’re on the stage we can kind of get a feel for the blocking. The set has actually been designed and built. They painted supposedly a lot of it on Saturday when I wasn’t able to be there. But it looks really good.

It’s a bar in San Francisco. We’ve got a nice little bar and an area for a piano and a stage area. And tables of course and a pinball machine. So it’s really looking good. But the rehearsals, oh my gosh. We’ve got the theatre reserved for five days a week,Tuesday through Saturday. And then I think there’s a couple Sundays in there, too, coming up. Two weeks ago I had rehearsal on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Then last week I had rehearsal on Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Then I had to leave early because of my reunion. We’ve go three and a half weeks ’til we open. And we’ve got at least three or four rehearsals a week up through there. It’s a lot of time. It’s something I totally underestimated. But I am enjoying it. The other actors are really good. I’m very lucky to be in the middle of so many top notch people.

It is very different doing the lines with the other people I’m acting with as opposed to reading them myself here at home or on the bus. Or having Laura reading them with me. My Mom even read lines with me over the weekend. Laura is giving a different interpretation than my Mom gave. And then they’re both giving a different interpretation than from how Patrick or some of the other people are doing the lines. So that’s something else that’s kind of throwing me. Hearing a different voice with a different cadence and a different emphasis.

I’m still struggling through doing my lines. I’m probably about 75% there. Tomorrow I’ve got rehearsal I’m pretty sure. Work on those scenes and try to be off book from now on. We’ll see if I can do that. If I can’t do that I’m in trouble. But I think I’ll be ok. I just have to force myslf to not pick up the piece of paper on stage.

Laura: I’ve been attending the rehearsals for The Unexpected Guest that Castaways Repertory Theatre is doing in Woodbridge. I’ve been able to go to most of the Thursday night rehearsals. It’s been interesting to watch. The director is a new director. This is his directorial debut. It’s coming along well. Right now they’re starting to collect their set pieces. When I’ve been sitting in on the rehearsals they’ve had chairs set up to kind of pretend where the set pieces will be, but Kevin says his house is right now filled with all the set pieces that will be going onto the stage when they can actually start building stuff.

Castaways rehearses on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Saturdays. I have not been to a Saturday rehearsal yet. I probably will in the next few weekends when I’m not working on Saturday at my other job. It’s been interesting to watch. Again, his interpretation is interesting and his directorial style is interesting to watch. So I think it will really come together well.

Mike: And then on a lighter note. I was reading on of the blogs I read regularly. The name of the blog is Butts in the Seats: Musings on Practical Solutions for Arts Management. Sounds like a boring subject, but it really is quite interesting. The blog talks about different issues in putting shows on, and putting on different types of art events. There’s both dance and theater, music. So it’s a very interesting blog because basically it’s talking about something that every theater has a problem with: getting butts in the seats and how do we do that. They had an entry last week talking about The Virginia Stage Company.

I made a comment at the bottom asking about copyright. Copyright issues were alluded to in the posting. They wrote an entire entry on September 14 about copyright and theater. It’s really interesting. It’s something I’ve wondered about. You go to Broadway and they kept saying, “No pictures and no recordings. It’s a copyright problem.” There’s some many different places tht hold a copyright. You’ve got the music, of course, and the writing. And it turns out that the costumes and the sets can all be copyrighted. Since we’re running this website, we sometimes put up photographs of different productions. It’s interesting. It’s a good read. I suggest you go over to and it was the Sept. 14th issue titles, “Copyright and Theater.”

Laura: And now, on with the show.

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