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Parkway Central High School The Diary of Anne Frank

By • Mar 14th, 2012 • Category: Cappies, Missouri

Everyone knows the tragic story of Anne Frank, the ambitious, rebellious young girl tucked away in a small loft, trying in vain to escape the tragic fate which was forced upon so many Jewish people during The Holocaust. Her Father, Otto Frank, somehow managed to survive and in finding his beloved daughter’s journal was able to share her heart wrenching tale with the world, allowing her to forever survive in our hearts. Bringing the despair along with the moments of joy, Parkway Central performed The Diary of Anne Frank by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett.

From the moment Otto Frank (Jake Blonstien) stepped onto the stage, wonderful accent and all, he brought tremendous energy. As he burst into tears the audience felt his pain. His powerful introduction led into a production which adequately portrayed the strong emotions of despair. The emotional complexities included those related to Anne Frank’s hormones, which were bottled up inside this young girl’s diary.

The set which was designed using various levels allowed for the cast to all appear on stage at once and accurately represent the Frank’s constrained living conditions. From the running water on stage, to the bathroom that could be noticed behind a slightly opened door, each detail of the set was well constructed. The props and costumes in the show were all fitting. Subtle lighting allowed for audiences to see well and a unique projection of Anne’s Diary covered scene and costume changes done by cast members, who like in the reality, didn’t have any privacy.

For a spunky thirteen year old, that lack of privacy made living in the annex even more challenging. Along with having to fear Nazi’s and concentration camps, young Anne (Jocelyn Finkelstein) had to battle with the grumpy adults living in tight quarters with her and try to live up to her perfect sister. Fortunately for Anne, after a year and a half of not seeing what was right before their noses Peter (Jacob Rosenstock) takes an interest in her. Both actors were able to mature their characters as the show progressed and developed believable chemistry as their friendship blossomed.

Parkway Central’s brilliant production of The Diary of Anne Frank did the young girl’s powerful story justice.

by Jennifer Boston of McCluer High School

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