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Bishop DuBourg High School A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

By • Apr 25th, 2013 • Category: Cappies, Missouri

These days, parents can’t leave their child home alone for a weekend without returning to mass chaos. Apparently, in the ancient times of Bishop DuBourg High School’s A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, parents can’t trust their slaves either.

As heads of household Senex (Andrew Cheli) and Domina (Hannah Gibbons) depart on a short trip to visit Domina’s mother, they leave slave Hysterium (Evan Turek) in charge. What they don’t plan on is the fact that their son, Hero (Jordan Wolk), is in cahoots with Pseudolus (Mario Meyer), a slave attempting to earn his freedom by setting up Hero with the girl of his dreams, Philia (Elizabeth Burnes). Pseudolus attempts to play the puppeteer in a grand illusory scheme, but what ensues is much confusion, chaos, and comedy.

Meyer does a commendable job playing Pseudolus. The resounding energy and unbridled enthusiasm with which he delivers his lines and songs carries the show. He gives the performance his all, bringing laughter and light to the stage. Turek owns the part of Hysterium, mastering the nervous, panicky demeanor of an overworked slave-in-chief. Wolk plays a charming Hero, personifying the characteristically awkward teenager in love, with his strong vocals far surpassing the graceless stereotype.

Erronius (Vincent Wienhoff) stands out as one of the best comics in the show. His hunch-backed gait and quavering, elderly voice combined with his endearing cluelessness make for tons of laughs throughout the show. Marcus Lycus (Devin Cox) also proves quite funny, through his over-the-top reactions, most notably a shrill, girlish scream throughout a giant chase scene.

Technical elements of the production remain simple, yet effective. Lighting (Krishna Ganim, Cullen Clifford, Tyler Yancey, Emily Jasper, Anthony Domijan, and Emma Butler) remains plain, yet fulfills its purpose, and there are no noticeable sound problems throughout the show, a miraculous feat for a high school production. Set (Matt Bannes, Ryan Cantillon, Keith Smith, John Baraba, Tim Jones, Emily Weinstroer) and costumes (Mario Meyer) are fun and colorful to match the mood of the show, remain accurate to the period, and add to the overall setting of the show. All technical elements of the show blend successfully to help tell the story.

The biggest weakness of the production may be drawn-out, uncomfortable moments toward the beginning of the show, during which it proves difficult to observe any rapport between the actors. However, as the show progresses, actors fall into their roles more smoothly and the chemistry between them becomes more evident, improving the flow of the production.

Bishop DuBourg’s production of A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum is a funny, fast-paced show with lovable characters that provide a lot of laughs. Throughout the hysterical chaotic events that occur one after another, the cast and crew simply offer a good time, and hold to their promise of “a comedy tonight.”

by Melissa Jung of Marquette High School

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