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Notre Dame High School White Christmas

By • Apr 9th, 2013 • Category: Cappies, Missouri

Even though it is now springtime, a little Christmas spirit is enough to remind people of hot cocoa, Christmas caroling, and, of course, snow. On the evening of April 5th, 2013, Notre Dame High School took its audience back to the joyous time of everyone’s favorite holiday: Christmas, with White Christmas.

The show opens with Bob Wallace (Mark Messmer) and Phil Davis (Charlie Moody) singing for the troops of the 151st Division. Throughout the entirety of the performance, both Messmer and Moody displayed outstanding chemistry between each other. It is completely believable that the two are good friends through their performance. Playing opposite the two men are Betty (Katherine Potts) and Judy (Emma McCann) Haynes. Potts displayed lovely vocals and a strong, independent woman through her portrayal of Betty, and McCann proved to be a triple threat by excelling in the areas of vocals, acting, and dance. Other standouts within the performance include the strong-willed Martha Watson (Emily Jean Henry), General Henry Waverly (Jack Ruzicka), and, of course, Ezekiel Foster (Jake McCann).

Even though the principle characters lit up the stage with their impeccable vocal abilities, it was when the ensemble joined them that the true energy of the production could be felt. All members of the ensemble seemed like they truly enjoyed being onstage, and none of them lacked a single ounce of energy. Two ensemble members stood out in the performance. Bridget Biundo and Naomi Walsby excelled in the numerous tap numbers within the show, and both had excellent stage presence. Both seem to have great knowledge of many types of dance, and many encomiums should be given to both the choreographer of the show and to their private dance instructors.

The technical aspects of the show enhanced the overall performance greatly as well. The light cues were precise and sound cues were never late. The microphones the actors used provided clear sound, but at times they were either too loud or they would cut in and out. Despite this minor flaw, the sound aspect proved to be one of the best. One technical aspect that should be recognized is the set itself. In order to make quick and easy set changes, the set was designed to fold in on itself, with different scenes on either side of the flat. This creative design proved to be very impressive and invaluable to the overall flow of the performance.

The cast and crew at Notre Dame High School should be very proud of their accomplishments through White Christmas. The overall show was truly a wonder to behold, and many will be singing the songs until next Christmas.

by Mario Meyer of Bishop DuBourg

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