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Nerinx Hall High School As You Like It

By • Apr 25th, 2013 • Category: Cappies, Missouri

Love often drives people to extremes, as several of William Shakespeare’s works prove. As You Like It, the Shakespearean play selected by Nerinx Hall for their spring performance, humorously illustrates this concept. With sharp delivery and some excellent acting, Nerinx did not disappoint on their opening night.

The central conflict of the play follows a young man, Orlando, and his love, Rosalind, who, unbeknownst to him, disguises herself as a man and offers Orlando advice concerning their courtship. Although she could easily reveal her identity, Rosalind instead remains in character so that she may test the strength of Orlando’s love. All the while, several other characters fall in love by chance and pursue each other in varying, comedic degrees of desperation.

Nerinx Hall’s leads were all quite entertaining, but two of the brightest were McKenzie Moser and Maggie Hogan, who played Rosalind and Celia, respectively. Moser’s animated face and conviction when speaking made her energetic character all the more enjoyable. Her performance exceeded that of most high school students as she so eagerly, and naturally, adopted her role. Nearly matching her in energy and skill, Hogan’s portrayal of Celia was also engaging. When the pair spoke together on stage, their lively interaction appeared effortless, a sure mark of excellent casting.

The supporting cast’s talent, although not as remarkable, was accented with standout performances by Jimmy Reddy, who portrayed Touchstone, and Claire Wenzel, who played Phoebe. Reddy demonstrated an ease for comedy in both his skill and timing, never-failing to draw a laugh from the audience when on stage. Wenzel did an excellent job with her role as the eccentric, stubborn pursuer of “Ganymede,” Rosalind’s alias. Both made the second act even more enjoyable.

The show’s technical aspects were executed almost flawlessly. Usually an issue in high school productions, the transitions were smooth and indicated an excellent stage crew. The music and sound effects selected were perfect for the environment in which the play took place, unifying the play as a whole. The only minor flaw lay in the set, which did not seem to reflect the talent that Nerinx obviously possesses. It was easily overlooked, though, as performers such as Moser and Hogan commanded attention.

Full of humor and performed by a lively collection of actors, Nerinx Hall’s solid production of As You Like It is sure to entertain.

by Meghan Edwards of Holt High School

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